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Our Lady of Pompei Novena for the intention of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Sacred Heart of Jesus In the World.

What Pope Leo XIII said about the Picture of Our Lady of Pompei:
"God gave ust his image as an instrument of graces chich will move the Word". 
Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary in Pompei, we entrust our hearts and the fate of the entire world. May your Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of your Son our Lord Jesus Christ triumph in the Word.
Barbara Kloss, apostol of the Holy Rosary said: "Weapon, and strength, help, shield and hopie always the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the key to grace is the rosary. It should be prayed with faith and reason and perservering will. The Rosary is the 
treasure of Haven and earth, love the rosary, live the mysteries with trust. The rosary encompasses the time when God came to earth, a time of grace, salvation, redemption through Christ’s passion and triumph."
Our desire is to win the Word for the Immaculate through the Holy Rosary, like St. Maximilian, like St Domenic repeat the words: "One day with the Holy rosary and scapalar safes the world”. Reminded of the words of John XXIII, pope Paul VI I wish 
that the Rosary could become "a great public and well known prayer according to All the Leeds of the Church, nation, and whole world".
Blessed John Paul II in his dokument Rosarium Virginis Mariae wrote: "The Church always recognized the effectiveness of prayer in the most difficult of problems. At the time when Christianity was in danger, this prayer saved it.Our Lady of the Rosary 
honored as the one who intercedes and procures so many miracals bringing God’s 
help.The Pope wishes to strengthe our faith with the effectiveness of the prayer of the 
rosary. What more is for to conquer the the world with this favorite prayer of Mary.Today we face new situationsIn Reed of prayer. Why not take the rosary beads in hand like so many before us did?".
Mary, with love for you we will prayer the Pompei novena for the intention of the triumph of your Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of Jesus In this special time.
We start August 15th on the Assumption and finisz the October 7th the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. May All the angels join us In prayer with All the Saint In Haven and you devotees here on earth. It is a special instrument of Divine Providence for us, new devotees of Our lady of Pompei. Once In October 2002 John Pau;l II announced it as the year of the Rosary and addend the mysteries of Light.He said - "May my appeal not go on deaf ears!". Many Saw the shrine of Pompei , the shrine of Our Lady 
of the Rosary founded by Bl. Bartola Longo - Great Apostle of the Rosary. He was insprired by the words he heard in his heart, „The one who promotes the Rosary is saved".
Blessed Pope John Paul II was In this shrine in 1979 and 2003. "Pray with me here and always". October 16, he wrote: "O blessed rosary of Mary, sweet chain which unites us to God! O ties of love which unites us with the angels! O tie which protects 
us from hell, safe port in the midst of the storm! We will always keep you! Our Comfort AT our daeth! Last Kiss when we die.Our last words the sweet name of Jesus and Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary of Pompei, o dear Mother, refuje of sinners, 
Powerful, Comforter of those in need! Be blessed today always on earth and in Heaven!".
Ps. This Novena lasts 54 days. Each day is 3 sets of mysteries joyful sorrowful and glorious. 27 days as a petition and Rother 27 as thanksgiving.
God bless this prayer of the rosary!
Queen of the Holy Rosary , pray for us!